About Us

It began with a love story, as every great story does.  Or, was it a dream I had? Maybe it was born out of necessity or possibly a reaction to a life not yet lived.  You've heard many stories of beginnings, middles and ends.  After spending over 20 years as a professional story teller in the world of PR & Corporate Communications, it was time for a rewrite of my story.  

And with that, I give you Urban Sundry Limited. A new retail company in Columbus, OH. Founded in 2017, we are a gift and home company for the town and country lifestyle.  Our two brands, Urban Sundry and Equestrian Sundry, are inspired by the life I've lived.  The thrill of tall buildings, asphalt and cement are equally sought after as are my hands in an animal's fur, garden dirt or wrapped around the reins of a horse.  This is what our brands are about, this is what we want to share with you. 

What is SUNDRY? It's defined as various items not important enough to be mentioned individually.  We agree, but it's definitely things you can't live the town and country lifestyle without! We LOVE finding small manufacturers and makers and we have many within our assortment.  We have a mix of things from a mix of places, created by a mix of people.  Brands we've admired for a long time and brands we've just recently discovered.  

The retail experience and the way we shop continues to change but people still want to find a great store, with nice things, sold by good people.  Simply put, that is us.  

We are Urban Sundry. 

Barbie Coleman, owner