Patchwork Sweety Horse

Patchwork Sweety Horse
  • $40.00

Weeeee-heee-heee-heee love this Patchwork Sweety most of all because of its naturalistic, cheerful design and traditional German craftsmanship. Babies and toddlers love to grab its flapping mane and tail while belting out a good whinny. The Patchwork Sweety Horse is a lovable pony nugget and an extraordinary playmate and cuddly friend throughout childhood.  

Parents and educators cherish this stuffed horse’s old-school knit body as well as the many cotton patches in different patterns and all colors of the rainbow. Make your family or friends the gift of cuddliness that is made to last!

Size: 15.4"

Age: 3-12 Years

Material: Cotton, Polyester. Wadding: Polyester

Machine wash in cold cycle.

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