Memory Mayhem Game

Memory Mayhem Game
  • Memory Mayhem Game
  • Memory Mayhem Game
  • Memory Mayhem Game
  • Memory Mayhem Game
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Can you get through the Memory Mayhem? A mind-bending family card game from Ginger Fox, this fun challenge will put everyone's mental skills and ability to multitask to the ultimate test! Age Range: 12+ years

Fun, Memory-Enhancing Family Games
How good is your memory? Put your ability to the test with the Memory Mayhem Card Game. Race to score the most points amidst the mayhem of multitasking and recalling the right images, colors and numbers!

Multitasking Games for Adults and Family
Liven up family time by playing this classic match game with a fun, chaotic twist. To get an upper hand in our fun games for kids and adults, take mental notes of 3 elements (colors, number and objects) under time pressure.

Head to Head Games for Everyone
For the fast-paced Mayhem Card Game, players memorize 3 x 3 grid game cards in 30 seconds. Then, the cards are flipped. Team 2 reads a question from the questions deck, and team 1 races to list down the required number of answers.

Level up the Chaos
Make the most out of family fun time with these family card games. To kick the difficulty up a notch, use the Dice Key! If you answer correctly before time runs out, you move on to the next level. Roll the dice to know which element/s you need to recall.

Fun-to-Play Fun Party Games
Split into 2 teams or play 1 vs 1. Players as young as 12 can join this kids and adult game. Each game pack includes Memory Mayhem cards plus a sand timer, score pad and list of rules.

What’s in the box?

  • 36 memory cards
  • 80 question cards
  • Dice
  • Sand timer
  • Easy to follow rules

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