Keepsake Candle Collection

Keepsake Candle Collection
  • $24.00

A collection of candles as timeless and classic as you can dream about.  Designs and scents that evoke the simplicity of life and ignite the memories of what is pure and simple.  That's alot from a candle, right?  Choose from eight different scents.  Deep Ocean, Polished Silver, Mossy Garden, Pewter, Old Soul, Milk Glass, Railroad Stripe and Sawtooth Star. Each 8 oz candle is 100% soy wax and hand poured in Atlanta, GA.

Deep Ocean: Salty ocean air with hints of sweet sea kelp

Polished Silver: Crisp apple and lemon

Mossy Garden: Fresh cut grass and sweet herbs

Pewter: Floral scent with udertones of crisp herbs

Old Soul: Rose, cedar and pear

Milk Glass: Lemongrass and citrus

Railroad Stripe: Savory notes of red and whit currnat

Sawtooth Star: Wild citrus and mint

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