Strands of Hope: How to grieve the loss of a horse

Strands of Hope: How to grieve the loss of a horse
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Losing a horse is one of the absolute worst experiences.  Hopefully, you haven't had to experience that kind of pain, but the reality is if you've been around horses long enough, you will have your heart broken having to say goodbye to a special equine friend. 

From the author, Susan Friedland, who brought you Horses Adored and Men Endured and the equestrian blog Saddle Seeks Horse, comes a book about grief. Based on her blog post How to Grieve a Horse in 10 Not-So-Easy Steps, Susan shares her own journey of losing a special horse but also provides a guide for friends and family to know what to say and not to say in the wake of a loved one losing a special horse.  It is a book we hope you never need but you'll be grateful for if you, or someone you know, has to say a good-bye we're never ready for.  

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